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Savings that not only keep you safe but also give you opportunities!

The power of Discipline

Supercharge your growth and business goals

First ever savings plan for Businesses and Startups

What all you may save for ?

Emergency fund

Ever struggled with unexpected expenses? Let Kofy help you with emergencies such as damage, repairs, lost valuable assets!

Rent  Deposit

Need to deposit money for your perfect home? With Kofy, save and invest to live in your dream house with monetary security.

Business Expansion

Have an idea for a great business? Want to  start your own work? Let Kofy help you save for it and build your business.

Vehicle purchase

Does your head turn back when you see your favourite car/bike? Does speed excites you? Let Kofy help you save enough to buy it.

Others Expenses

Want to try learning a new art, set up a home office? Save for your personal needs without sacrificing on your current expenses.

Why Kofy?

Kofy is a smart saving app. It helps you increase your profits, investments and reach your monetary goals while maintaining your safety net.

Build a daily habit of savings

Savings everyday, keeps the worries away! Now save regularly for a tension-free future.

Save while you spend through round off

Spent INR 36? Round it off and save INR 4 and grow these micro savings into a large safety net.

Hit your goals faster with our savings plan

Don’t wait for months to make your desires come true. Save smaller but faster to achieve your goals.

Earn surprise cash and accelerate your savings

Earn while you save! Kofy surprises you with cashback and rewards that helps you speed up your savings.

Get the best of all the products

Turn your savings into investments and maximize your profits for a safer and better future!

Safeguard your goals from uncertainties

Save to be safe! Kofy helps you to save enough to build a safety net for uncertainties and reaching your goals.

Get instant loans against your savings

No need to delay securing your life and future. Kofy savings helps you with security as well as investment.

Build a daily savings habit

Savings everyday making your life easier for a better future

Round up your daily expenses

Save the nearest change value from your purchase

Invest and multiply your wealth

Safer investments for a future of dreams and possibilities

Earn surprising cashbacks

Get rewarded and keep makingmoney

Build a daily savings habit

Savings everyday making your life easier for a better future


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